In spite of Daily Rise in covid-19 Cases, FCT Residents Flaunt Health Protocols

In spite of the daily rise in positive cases of coronavirus, the residents of Abuja (FCT) are not observing the recommended personal hygiene by health protocol to mitigate the scourge of Covid-19 pandemic.

The residents do not observe Distancing, Handwashing at public places nor observe the mandatory temperature checks and other recommended health protocols for citizens.

It is revealed that the residents may require more  education in how best to curb the spread of the novel (Covid-19); because most people still thronged the markets and other public places without their face masks.

Newsmen discovered that most of the shoppers who throng big markets like Wuse Main Market, Garki Market, Kabusa Village Market, Utako Market do not wear Face Masks while many others are not observing Physical Distancing.

The management of the markets visited  during the week refused to provide the infra-thermometer for testing the temperature of traders and customers at the entrance gates as directed by the Federal Government.

Although Handwashing points are provided at the entry and exit gates of some markets like Wuse, Garki, the officials at the gates do not enforce the handwashing protocol.

People literarily push themselves around to gain passage in the markets just as buyers and sellers were seen haggling for prices without wearing their Face Masks.

Cosidering all these ill pratices by the people in the FCT, it is not a big surprise for any discerning mind when their is an increase in the spread of the virus.

It is required of Federal Government to act decisively along side with task Force on Covid-19 pandemic to enforce the health protocols in public places to avoid the steady increase in the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 in the FCT.

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