PDP National Chairman Expressed regret at President Buhari multiplying Taxes amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The Peoples Democratic Party National Chairman Prince Uche Secondus,  on Saturday, spoke of overburdening taxes and tariffs imposed on Nigerians by Mr President and his ruling cabinet.

This was stated in a statement signed and forwarded by Secondus to DAILY POST by his Media Aide, Ike Abonyi saying that President Buhari and APC are careless about relieving the plight of suffering in the country.

He stated that while other world leaders are raising stimulus inform of palliatives to cushion the biting effects of COVID-19 on their citizens, President Buhari is busy heaping more burden on the populace with his endless taxes and tariffs.

Adding that the action of Buhari was strangulating the nation’s economy, killing causing investors flight to other neighbouring countries where the business environment is conducive and friendly.

He said, it contradictory that a regime that multiplies the people’s taxes and hikes prices indiscriminately at this pandemic period is talking of lifting some Nigerians out of poverty.

He also listed some of the taxes of this government on the Nigerian people that has increased their hardship to include fuel hike, Electricity tariff, bank charges and increased Value Added Tax, VAT among others.

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Electricity tariffs increase to 45 percent after february 2016 with a claim that it will result in a better power supply services.

The regime has just announced another upward review of Electricity tariffs from July 1st, 2020 with power supply getting worse than ever,” he said.

The main opposition leader said in a statement from his media office at the weekend that nothing underscores the insensitivity of this administration to the welfare of its citizens than that they keep loading the people with more and more burden.

He said that from all corners of this land, Nigerians are groaning, amid glaring insecurity, businesses are folding up and relocating as they are weighed down under the hardship arising from incessant taxation.

“The policy thrust of the Buhari administration has deliberately been set towards loading Nigerians with heavy burden through mindless revenue hike.

Prince Secondus expressed regret that at this period COVID-19, when World leaders are reviewing their welfare packages in favour of the people, Nigeria government is multiplying their taxes amid rising cases of the pandemic in the country.

He urged Buhari to review every taxable item in the country downwards in the spirit of the pandemic.

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