Sergeant Stubby, the Dog with More Rank Than Many US Soldiers

Stubby came to limelight in 1917. A dog was seen on the premises where military training was going on. Private Robert J Conroy was the first person to see the dog where he was undergoing training. He decided to name the dog Stubby.

Even though dogs were not allowed in camps, this man took the dog to the and Stubby was allowed to stay because the dog was very good for the soldiers' morale. Stubby's intelligence was what paved way for the dog.

Stubby once saluted the commanding officer of 102nd Infantry division of the US army when he noticed the CO was not happy with Conroy for bringing a dog along with him to war. The CO was pleased by this and stubby sort of became a mascot for this division.

At war, Stubby once stopped a German gas attack. He started barking when he smelled the gas and ended up waking all the men that were fast asleep and this prevented those men from inhaling too much of these gases.

With the help of training, he was able to know the distinction between someone that is speaking English or German. Whenever Stubby saw a wounded soldier that speaks English, he would bark till help comes.

He served in seventeen battles during World War 1. His great hearing helped in sensing the enemy's incoming artillery shells. He once caught a German spy and was quickly promoted. Stubby later came to surpass his owner's rank.

Sergeant Stubby earned many medals that include 3 service strips, New Haven WW1 Veterans Medal and many others to mention but a few. Stubby also visited the white house twice. Stubby is sure the most decorated dog of WW1.

Stubby died at the age of 9 plus.

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