Why are security operatives molesting and and arresting people?

I no understand o, you asked people to stay at home because of coronavirus, don’t you know they will eat, and foodstuff are not sold in their homes, they need to go out there and buy food or food items for their families.

I even heard that a woman who went out to buy onions was molested by security operatives, she was asked to frog jump with the onions she was holding in her hand, BUT WHY?

OK, if you credit people’s account with whatever amount you want to assist them with, wont they go to the bank and withdraw the money, or, is bank in their homes?

On the other hand, lets say you bring the cash to them in their homes, wont they make use of the cash and buy somethings outside, or, is it the cash they will cook for themselves and their families?

Government of Nigeria, I beg, make una reason this matter with me o.

Please and please, make una stop to dey harras and arrest people wey go buy food for street, I take God beg una, hmmmmm, God dey watch everybody o

Person go carry N2500 go buy something for him family to eat, you go arrest the person, you will tell the person to bail himself, this thing no good at all.

I rest my case, make God take over

My name na Ojemba 1

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