If Nigerians follow the guidelines of the NCDC, the pandemic would be eradicate in few Weeks -Sani Aliyu

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19, Dr Sani Aliyu, says Nigeria can eradicate the virus in four to six weeks.

This statement was made when he appeared on Radio Nigeria’s weekly programme, "Have Your Say”.

He said if Nigerians followed the guidelines and regulations of the NCDC, the country would eradicate the pandemic.

He stated that the impact of Covid-19 has not only been felt in the humanitarian side with the loss of lives but also affected the economy and the capacity of the government to carry out it’s duties the most important one being protection of the lives of the citizens.

He added that, “The curve may be flattening out with the reduced number of new infections but we are not out of the woods yet as we can see from other developed countries currently experiencing their second waves.

As regards the level of awareness in the grassroots, Dr. Aliyu opined that the awareness of persons at the local government and ward levels have been taken very seriously as pandemic such as this can only be curbed by behavioral change.

“Covid-19 is not behaving like a normal pandemic as such people are not scared as there isn’t anyone bleeding to death like in the case of Ebola.

Covid 19 is majorly transmitted by persons who are unaware as they show no symptoms.

“As such, young people need to be very careful so they don’t contact it and then share it with their aged family members who are most at the risk of death from covid-19. 

The current statistics show that older people have a 1 in 5 chance of passing on the great beyond.”

“We have gotten trustworthy persons in society to talk at markets and public squares to reiterate the fact that washing of hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing off face masks should be the top three commandments.

“At the start there was high compliance but as was to be expected, we have gotten fatigued but we need to remember that the virus does not get tired. 

“if the guidelines we have laid down are complied with, then there should be no outbreak. 

“Education is on the concurrent list. As such, all tiers of government have a part to play. The private owners also have their work cut out for them to ensure their students are compliant and hopefully the states enforce the rules.”

When asked if Nigeria has low COVID-19 figures because of low testing especially when compared to South Africa, Dr Aliyu said that there’s been much improvements since the outbreak of the pandemic as we now have 60 testing facilities as against the three we had previously. 

Currently only about five states don’t have molecular labs, he added.

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