The early symtoms of Stroke usually go unnoticed.

Stroke is the most afrequent cause of disabilities among adult people. It is a medical condition in which victims suffer from paralysis of some body parts or the whole body, at times. 

The degree of Stroke varies for different victims. It is reported that stroke cases are more common in women than men, while also prevalent in black people than whites. 

However, just like other terminal illness such as Cancer, the early symtoms of Stroke usually go unnoticed.

Some signs you should never ignore. If you see any of these symptoms You might be at the brink of getting Stroke.

1. Sudden confusion or difficulty in speaking or understanding speech.

2. Unusual or sudden vision problems in one or both pair of eyes

3. Severe and chronic headache without knowing the actual cause.

4. Sudden weakness or numbness in your face or limbs (hands and legs). Most often, it occurs in one side of the body.

5. Sudden difficulty in walking, coupled with dizziness. Also, there may be loss of balance.

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